Harmonic Innovation believes in innovation as a tool for promo ting a good and virtuous anthropology of Man (and Humanity) and interprets the acceleration and “open innovation” activities as concrete means of promoting long-term economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts that are inclusive, generative, cohesive, sustainable and harmonic. We believe in innovation serving the framework of the most important global policies: UN 2030 Agenda, Green New Deal, Next Generation EU, National Recovery and Resilience Plan. Also consistent with the magisterium expressed in Pope Francis’ encyclicals “Laudato Si’” and “Fratelli tutti”, which prophetically introduced the powerful perspective of integral ecology.

The harmonic innovation paradigm is the result of original research work developed within our ecosystem. Today it is establishing itself in the international community of reference and stands as a further evolutionary stage of the concept of innovation. For many centuries, in fact, innovation was characterized by a closed model based on the idea of competition. In the last two decades, the emergence of globalization and the Internet have marked the transition to the era of open innovation, marked by a strong collaborative tension.