We live in an era of tremendous change. Or, better: we are living in an era that is changing.

Pope Francis constantly reminds us that this as a change of an era. The current development model is progressively revealing its limits and numerous destructive effects on the environmental, social, economic, demographic and democratic equilibrium.

The interventions decided (unfortunately not always unanimously and within a convergent vision) by the main governments and major international organizations are only a first step towards building a better and harmonious future.

An intergenerational commitment

The commitment to the challenges of transition put in place by the main global players needs an ontological, anthropological and methodological leap that redeems him, definitely, from the risk of a void and sterile storytelling.
We must recover an intergenerational perspective freed from short- and medium-term yields.
We must begin again to be “good ancestors”, to guard and transmit the “patermunus”.

Our own harmonic platform

Harmonic Innovation Group Holding is committed to promoting this perspective through the gradual implementation of the material and intangible network of national and international Harmonic Innovation Hubs.

Through the Harmonic Innovation Platform, we will build a broad-based network of “places of the future” freed from the slavery of “market metrics” and supported, instead, by patient institutional investors (in some cases also with a patronage approach), within the logic of a true “generative ecosystem”.

Integrated and coordinated within a single context will be the expertise required to support the entire innovation chain (R&D, venture building, acceleration, open innovation, technology transfer, educational, system integration, venture capital, etc.). While at the same time also promoting the strategic geo-political importance of being headquartered in Southern Italy within the broader context of the EU-MENA Region, which is the second-largest market in the world and the most important in terms of sustainable growth potential over the next two decades.

We intend to enhance the strategic geo-political centrality of the location of Southern Italy in the wider context of the EUMENA Region, which represents the second world market and the most important for sustainable growth potential in the next twenty years.

A renewed geopolitical role

outhern Italy and the Magna Graecia platform of the Harmonic Innovation Hubs can and must play a geo-political role to become the humanistic, technological and strategic 6.0 link between “young Africa, the ancient Orient and the mature West” within the context of leading global policy frameworks: UN SDG 2030; the Green New Deal, Next Generation EU and Addis Abeba Action programs; COP26 and Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero. And then the Agreements of Peace of Abraham, the encyclicals Laudato Si’ and Brothers All of Pope Francis.

Simply put, the Harmonic Innovation Hub network hopes to become what the monasteries represented for humanity starting in the early Middle Ages.

The Harmonic Innovation Group aims to foster dialogue and continuous cooperation among the world’s major industrial, financial and institutional operators and those in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Macro Area, promoting the scouting, emergence and enhancement of the most significant innovation experiences in the Macro Area, also involving the best scientific and business talents, with a view to promoting practical processes aiming to create sustainable development, orderly growth, democratisation and progress in emerging countries, also by consolidating strategic, lasting and organic geopolitical and intercultural alliances. The global Harmonic Innovation platform also aspires to play a pivotal role between the sustainable growth needs of the EUMENA Region and the Atlantic West, fostering dialogue with the world’s leading innovation ecosystems.